About Us

Dr. Jaimin Patel

Dr jaimin.m.patel is well known dentist in vadodara & his “world record for longest human tooth extraction ” make him famous all around the world. This record’s news had been published in india , uk & in London’s media.

Dr jaimin completed his B.D.S (dental study) from india’s one of best college govt. dental college & hospital at ahmedabad civil hospital. Till September 2017, he has more than 5 years of private practice & 1 year of ahmedabad govt. dental college ‘s practice experience.

We offer all super-speciality dental – oral treatment including oral cancer biopsy & checkup under one roof.

Dr. Ankita Patel

Dr.Ankita Patel has finished her B.D.S from Manubhai Patel Dental College,Vadodara in the year 2015.

Dr.Ankita is dedicated to the most advanced dental treatment and technology. Incorporating proven systems that make your appointments better,faster and safer.

About Clinic

  • Clinic situated at main cross road in busy area, so easy to transport,connect & navigate.
  • Clinic has wide reception & waiting area.
  • Staff of clinic is co-operative , friendly & always ready to help you.
  • Clinic has all advanced & latest equipments for better patient treatment such as, automatic advanced dental chair , dental digital x ray machine , intra oral camera for better check up , wood packer scaler for tooth cleaning , swiss made automatic rotary machine for single sitting rct, advanced surgical laser machine & advanced patient management software for patient’s comfort , convince & mobile message notification system for appoinment’s timing.

  • Facility of online appointments.
  • Education model & videos for patient related to every treatment.
  • Prescribed medicines are easily available at near places.
  • We have expertise of Root canal treatment(r.c.t), single sitting rct with automatic swiss made rotary machine, digital dental advanced x ray, laser treatment , tooth clening & beaching , mouth opening treatment, treatment for tobacco & smoking quit , child’s dental treatment for milk tooth , jaws problem’s treatment , jaws joint pain treatment , face nerve’s pain treatment (T.N), tooth related face & space infections , cosmetic dental treatment , mouth ulcer treatment , painless tooth removale & wisdom tooth surgery .

  • Services


    • Very Professional and gentle. Dr. Jaimin Patel is an excellent dentist whose main priority is making sure his patients are comfortable and get the best dentistry he can offer.
    • Highest recommendation for Dr. Jaimin Patel for his great treatment and personalise care for the patients.

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